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Submissions are currently closed!! They will be closed till I get caught up, sorry loves.

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You guys! Guess who finally finished their Peter Pan shoes!
So glad they turned out, and super happy with the end product.

The right shoe (clock) is designed of everything that happened in London. Left shoe is everything that happened in Neverland.

Alright, what’s next? Tangled ones?

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I was not expecting for myself to take such a long break, and I’m sorry loves.
I had a lot of personal issues to deal with in the break, but everything is okay now.

Good news and bad news though…

Good news, now I am able to post your lookalike picture next to the one you submit rather than me creating a whole new post, which meeeeans your username will be in the post. So if you’re following the tag of your username it will be easier to not miss your lookalike. :)

Bad news, after discussing the situation with a friend that helps me with lookalikes from time to time, we made the tough decision to keep submissions closed. Why? Because you that have submitted have been waiting wayyy too long and I need to get caught up. I will keep you guys updated when I get closer and closer. :)

Also had a fantastic time at Disneyland! A little girl asked to take a photo with me cause she really thought I was Ariel <3

Also during my break I had time to finish an art piece I think you guys will appreciate, so I’m gonna reblog it onto this page.

Sorry again loves.

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Sweets, you remind me of Princess Eilonwy.

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Deary, you remind me of Franny.

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Hello again dear. Honestly love, I can’t see much of your face in this picture. But from what I do see, you remind me of Periwinkle.

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Sweetheart, you look like Princess Aurora.

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